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The Caithness Broch Project

Posted: January 10th, 2019 | Posted in: Things to do

A broch is a Iron-Age round house structure which dates back around 2000 years.  The county of Caithness holds more remnants of these structures than any other region in Scotland with some 200 sites. These sites have remained uncommercialised and untouched, and provide a fascinating insight to the past in Caithness.

Caithness Broch Project is a local charity that has recently been set up to promote and preserve many archaeological sites in the area through improved signage, access and information.  The aims of the project are to establish an archaeological trail through the county to encourage locals and visitors alike to explore the ancient past. The ultimate goal of the project is to build a replica Iron Age broch as a visitor attraction. For existing sites to visit please visit

A cairn is an ancient burial site dating back as far as 5000 years ago in the Neolithic age. Caithness is full of undisturbed archaeological cairn sites also.  The most notable cairn site is at Camster, four miles North West of Lybster on the minor road to Watten – this is well worth a visit.

The Yarrows Archaeological Trail signposted from the A99 south of Thrumster includes the South Yarrows Broch dating back 5500 years and tools have been found in this region believed to be 7700 years old – the earliest evidence of human habitation in Caithness.  For budding walkers and historians, there is so much to explore in the county.